Barranco Jadin o Zapironcho-Descenso-de-cañones-barranquismo-valle-de-hecho-guías-de-montaña-y-barrancos-Mountain-and-canyon-guides-canyoning-Lurra-adventure-WEB-3

Spectacular descent of adventure, wild, secluded and demanding


Barranco Jadin o Zapironcho-Descenso-de-cañones-barranquismo-valle-de-hecho-guías-de-montaña-y-barrancos-Mountain-and-canyon-guides-canyoning-Lurra-adventure-WEB-3





The Jardin or Zapironcho ravine, at the foot of Acher Castle, is an excellent option for those who have some experience and look for canyoning experiences with a marked adventure character. The whole descent as a whole presents a great aesthetic value, however the exceptional “waterfall-goulotte” of 45m that there is in its central part makes it one of the essentials of the Western Pyrenees..




LOCATION: Valle de Hecho (Huesca). map

SEASON: From 1 june to 31 october.Barranco Jadin o Zapironcho-Descenso-de-cañones-barranquismo-valle-de-hecho-guías-de-montaña-y-barrancos-Mountain-and-canyon-guides-canyoning-Lurra-adventure


Approach 2 – 3h 

Descent 5-6h

Return 5′


Sport difficulty: v5 a3

  • It is essential to have experience in level 4 descents (Intermediate) and to know abseiling with ease and fluency.

  • At all times you are accompanied and secured by a professional canyon guide.

  • Abseils (max 45m) with delicate access, in which trajectory can be difficult or obligatory. 

  • Chain of rappels on the wall with exiguous meetings.

  • Difficult climbing steps (IV / V).

  • Technical march that requires to pay attention on slippery, unstable, steep or wet terrain.

  • There are the specific objective risks associate to any practice in a natural environment (weather, stone falls, fauna…).


  • Minimum age 16 years. Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • To have experience in intermediate descents and to know how to abseil with skill and swiftness.

  • To have very good physical condition.

  • To know how to swim.

  • To communicate to the guide before startig the activity any health problem, physical / psychological condition, or personal characteristic that may affect individual or collective safety during the activity.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING for the activity

  • Footwear for the descent, shoes or boots with good sole, if possible mountain ones.

  • Swimsuit.

  • T-shirt and fine trousers or tights for the approach (it is important that they are not cotton), take into account that these clothes will get wet during the descent.

  • Towel, dry clothes and shoes to change.

  • Something to get a bite during the descent (cereal bars, fruit, chocolate …), to taste but it is important that they are foods not too bulky and with many calories.

  • 1 litre of water per each participant.

Barranco Jadin o Zapironcho-Descenso-de-cañones-barranquismo-valle-de-hecho-guías-de-montaña-y-barrancos-Mountain-and-canyon-guides-canyoning-Lurra-adventure-WEB-3


2 to 6 participants: 175€/pax

1 participant: 300€/pax



  • V.A.T. (21%).

  • Professional Canyon Guide (Técnico Deportivo en Barrancos – official qualification).

    Maximum ratio: 1 guide per 3 participants.

  • Individual canyoning equipment (helmet, harness equiped for canyoning, wetsuit 5mm, neoprene socks 3mm).

  • Group canyoning equipment (1 canyoning backpack and 1 waterproof drum per 2 participants).

  • Safety and emergency kit.

  • Accident insurance.

  • Civil liability insurance.

  • Organization and logistics.


  • Transport.

  • Accomodation and meals.

  • Anything that does not appear in INCLUDES part.

Do not hesitate to contact for more information, make a reservation, or ask for a proposal. 

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Barranquismo, descenso de cañones, cayoning, Esukal Herria. Pais Vasco, Euskadi, Navarra, Basque Country. Guías Profesionales de Barrancos. Valle de Hecho, Sierra de Guara